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Miscellaneous Products

Battwash 0.00 Quantity: 
1201 BattWash - Special mix of refractory products.Supplied dry. Mix with water then apply with paint roller (use a cheap paint roller and tray)onto shelves to prevent ware sticking to them. Needs to be consistency of milk.
Calcium Chloride 0.00 Quantity: 
1205 Calcium Chloride - A flocculent for holding glazes in suspension.

Mix in a 10% solution with hot water.

Add a drop at a time.


Epsom Salts 0.00 Quantity: 
1206 Epsom Salts- Used as a flocculant. Use as Calcium Chloride. Is sometimes less effective than Calcium, but generally speaking, is fine.
Glaze Binder 0.00 Quantity: 
1210 Glaze Binder - Can be used to harden unfired glaze surface for ease of handling. Also as glaze suspension aid and for making Brush on Glazes

Either add when mixing, or afterwards- upto 2%

Gum Arabic 0.00 Quantity: 
1211 Gum Arabic - A vegetable gum in powder form which is used in glazes, slips & colours to aid adhesion (0.25-0.5%)
Mouldmakers Size 0.00 Quantity: 
1217 The original Mouldmakers Size, for use in Mould making. Supplied in concentrated form- dilute with water
Dispex 0.00 Quantity: 
1220 Dispex - An alternative to sodium silicate, improves stability & mould life. CAn be used to thin Glazes also. Use sparingly
Wax Resist 0.00 Quantity: 
1225 Wax Resist - Used to mask areas of a piece prior to glazing where glaze is not required. It will then burn off when fired.
Latex Resist 0.00 Quantity: 
1226 Traditional Liquid Latex Resist. White/cream in colour, simply paint on to required area, then allow to dry, then peel off or fire to remove.
PATCH ATTACH 3.95 Quantity: 
SY545 American bisque cement. For rescuing broken pots either in Clay form or Bisque form

59mls Jar

Mender Frend 3.95 Quantity: 
PO596 Mender Friend

Ceramic Bisque or Clay Cement


Tile Crank/FIibreCement 5.25 Quantity: 
7705 Powdered Refractory Cement. Supplied in 1 Kilo packs.

Simply mix with water to a paste, apply and fix. Firing cures to maximum hardness. Ideal for repairing Cracks/Bricklaying in Kilns also.Only mix the amount you need, and as long as the rest is kept dry, it will last a long time. Comes with instruction sheet.


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