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Casting Slips

Terracotta ex tax£10.80 inc tax £12.96 Quantity: 
2300 Terracotta 5 Litre bucket

Based on 2200 clay 1000C - 1160C

White Earthenware
White Earthenware ex tax£16.13 inc tax £19.36 Quantity: 
2301 White Earthenware 5 Ltr bucket

1000C - 1160C

Porcelain ex tax£25.06 inc tax £30.07 Quantity: 
2302 Porcelain 5 Ltr bucket

Based on 2222

1200C - 1260C

Bone China
Bone China ex tax£27.00 inc tax £32.40 Quantity: 
2304 Bone China 5 Ltr bucket

Based on 2224 clay 1240C

White Stoneware
White Stoneware ex tax£13.65 inc tax £16.38 Quantity: 
2306 White Stoneware 5 Ltr bucket

Based on 2220 1200C - 1280C

Special Porcelain Slip
Special Porcelain Slip ex tax£30.18 inc tax £36.22 Quantity: 
2310 Based on 2221 a popular Porcelain
Eartstone ES10 Slip ex tax£23.36 inc tax £28.03 Quantity: 
2311 A casting slip made using the excellent Earthstone ES 10 Body

5 Litres

Glacier Porcelain Slip ex tax£36.05 inc tax £43.26 Quantity: 
2312 Based on Glacier Porcelain. An excellent substitute for Southern Ice


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