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The Slabrollers have been designed to provide an extremely efficient and reliable method of producing slabs of clay for hand building or producing tiles. The 4 foot is a longer version of the 3 foot giving a 300mm increase in the length of slabs that can be produced

It has been designed using our vast experience in slabroller production and incorporates a rack and pinion drive system eliminating the need of maintenance from troublesome wire driven systems, the design allows for infinitely variable thickness of clay to be rolled by means of adjustment of the main roller using a simple threaded adjuster that allows for fine accurate adjustment whilst keeping the equal distance above the table across its length.

The large single roller is made of a rust proof material to avoid corrosion or contamination of the clay.

The slabroller has fully collapsible legs so it can be easily transported and comes complete with a set of high quality rolling cloths , additional cloths can be purchased.

Slabroller 3 foot Bench
Slabroller 3 foot Bench ex tax£1375.00 inc tax £1650.00 Quantity: 
3FOOT Specifications
Delivery Weight: 60kg
Construction:Heavy duty fabricated steel frame with Aluminium Main roller
Fully Collapsible Legs

Finish:Durable powder coated finish

Dimensions : 920 long x 820 wide x 1090 mm high
Clay Weight 60 Kilos Clay
Slab size 720mm x 470mm wide Max thickness 25mm
Bench mounted : 920 long x 820 wide x 470 mm high Weight 50 Kilos Clay Slab size 720mm x 470 mm wide Max thickness 25mm
Options extras:Additional cloths

4 FOOT ex tax£1400.00 inc tax £1680.00 Quantity: 
4FOOT Specifications
Delivery Weight: 70kg
Construction: Heavy duty fabricated steel frame
Aluminium Main roller

Finish: Durable powder coated finish

Dimensions :1220 long x 820 mm wide x 1090mm high

Weight 70 kilos

Clay slab:size 1020 mm x 470 mm Max thickness 25mm

Options : Spare Cloths


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